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Simple Guide to Starting Your Solo Podcast…Today (Value: $49)

How Can I Help You?

Make no mistake…you are here for a reason.

Let me guess – something doesn’t feel right?

You know there is more to life, but not really sure what that looks like for you.

You’ve heard all about abundance, achievement and doing what you love, but have no idea how to actually get there?

While I agree everyone is different, there are generally a small set of specific problems that Young Leaders from all over the globe come to me for help.

Stop wasting time thinking, contemplating, worrying and staying stagnant.

Let today be the day that you make a decision.

You were not put on this earth to feel the way you’re currently feeling.

Let’s chat about how I can help you transform your current reality into the life you truly want most.


Why Wait To Be Great

The Young Leaders Guide to Showing Up, Standing Out and Shining Bright.

  • Discover your true values to reveal the hidden order within the world around you
  • Take action upon your dreams and enrol world-leading mentors to help
  • Overcome your fears and self-limiting blocks so you can get on with living the life you know you’re capable of
  • Gain clarity of purpose and build a plan to make it a reality
  • Step into your Inner Leader and become the person others want to follow
  • Uncover the true strength within your story and transform your pain into power


Hayden Wilson is a business coach helping high-performance personal trainers and coaches excel inside their fitness businesses.

He personally coaches some of Australia’s best emerging talent who are rapidly growing, expanding their reach, managing high performing teams and continually levelling up in our industry.

He is the creator of the highly anticipated Fitness Business Summit Australia which runs annually and is the host of the highly rated podcast for personal trainers and coaches: PT Prophet.

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Solo Podcast

Simple Guide to Starting Your Solo Podcast…Today (Value: $49)