Are you doing the work?


You know there is work to be done, and yet you sit here reading this.

Maybe you’re looking for inspiration, or perhaps using it as a tool of procrastination?

It’s so much easier to avoid doing the work. Tricking the mind into thinking you’re ‘learning’.

As much as I love learning, you and I both know it can either be a tool for growth, or a tool to avoid doing the work.

And only you know which side you’re playing for right now.

I recently read the classic George Orwell novel, 1984. Inside is a concept called ‘room 101’. Inside room 101 (**spoiler**), is your worst nightmare. Deep down, we all know what our worst nightmare is.

And while sometimes it feels as though we cannot escape the realities of room 101, just know, that the best antidote to ending up there is with doing the work.

Every. single. day.

Like today.



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