Chad Waterbury – PT Prophet Podcast Episode 104 // Hosted by Hayden Wilson


Chad Waterbury joins us on the podcast this week and as expected…he delivered!

Chad is a neurophysiologist and author whose unique training methods are used by a wide range of athletes, bodybuilders, figure models, and fitness enthusiasts of all ages and from all walks of life.

In this podcast we go into:

  • Chad’s transition to bodyweight training and the 3 reasons why he uses it with his clients.
  • Why high frequency is something that you can dramatically increase results for your clients
  • Why the last few reps aren’t actually helping you grow
  • How to program reps and sets for maximal growth
  • The single point in Chad’s career that helped things take off
  • What it’s like working with MMA fighters
  • How Chad got a 71 year old ex-olympic athlete, stroke victim back into shape and fully functional..!
  • Influential mentors from Chad’s life..both those we already know, and those you may not know
  • Much more


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