David Godfrey – PT Prophet Podcast Episode 107 // Hosted by Hayden Wilson

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David Godfrey is mindset specialist, who is focused on really understanding the ‘why’ behind why we do what we do.  We recently jumped on a call and had a great chat

With over 15 years of industry experience as a Mindset and Performance Coach, David has become one of The UK’s most in-demand and influential coaches.

As an NLP master practitioner, hypnotherapist and life coach, David has worked with a wide variety of conditions including depression, chronic fatigue, disordered and compulsive eating, phobias, and addiction. He has a reputation as a direct and innovative coach able to produce rapid and lasting changes with his clients.


We delve into:

  • Stress and how stress is managed within the body and mind
    • Emotional Stress
    • Physical Stress
    • Physiological Stress
  • Moving away from pain, or moving towards pleasure…which is better?
  • What is ‘success’ as defined by David
  • What is happening with labels and the entire ‘depression’ conversation
  • A simple little trick to see if you’re a good speller or not (great exercise you can use with your clients
  • Can we learn unconsciously? (i.e: listen to an audio book while sleeping and absorb the info?)
  • Work/life balance for the ambitious driven business owner
  • Binge eating and how it affects us at the psychological level
  • Why problems will never go away…but how to deal with it.


Books Mentioned:

Daniel Priestley  – Oversubscribed, Key Person of Influence,  Entrepreneur Revolution

David Snartch – A Passionate Marriage

Geoff Thompson – Fear, Watch My Back

Gary Chapman – The Five Love Languages


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