Daniel Priestley – PT Prophet Podcast Episode 109 // Hosted by Hayden Wilson

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What a fantastic opportunity to speak with Daniel Priestley on my podcast late last week.

Among being an international speaker, author of 3 life changing books and co-founder of a multi million dollar company, Dan finds time for his 2 year old son playing Duplo and Pepper Pig quite frequently.

Many claim to be big thinkers, yet act differently  Dan is the real deal.  He is a forward thinker and often shares ‘radical’ ideas within his material that are both profound, yet logical when applied.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The different companies that inspired him during the writing and researching phase of Oversubscribed
  • The growth and expansion of many companies Daniel has started
  • What ‘fun’ is to Daniel
  • How fatherhood has changed his approach to business and life
  • Books that set it all off and have helped shape Daniel as a businessman and successful entrepreneur
    • Richest Man in Babylon
    • Think and Grow Rich
    • E-Myth
    • Visionary Business
    • The Alchemist
  • Meeting ‘Mike Harris’
  • Various Other mentors along the path to greatness
  • Daniel’s 4th Book – What it’s called and what it’s all about
  • What is happiness and what bring Dan the most happiness
  • Creativity and how to release the most creativity possible
  • Daniel’s leadership style from building and growing many multi million dollar companies.

This is a terrific episode and one that will take you behind the scenes with a fly on the wall take on a conversation with one of the best entreprenuers on this planet.

Plus during the episode (not going to say exactly where), Daniel shares a limiting belief he once had…



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1 comment

  • Great ep109
    Great insight on WHY I want to read his book.
    1. “Pretend you have a nanny, and get out of bed like you have extra 40k overhead- rise to the challenge”
    2. “Be creative not imaginative”
    3. “Sharpen your ideas in the market place not in your head”
    4. Love that Facebook stuff “perfect is the enemy” “fail fast fail often”
    5. “You can’t expect steve jobs or elone musk not to be a hard house” this was very open minding- what it actually takes
    6. Pitch something into existence

    Ps. I love:
    5x love letters
    Focus mode