Dave Tate 2.0 – PT Prophet Podcast Episode 120 // Hosted by Hayden Wilson


Dave Tate is back, ladies and gentleman.

First appearing in episode 69 (man, feels like forever ago..!), Dave is back to share this recording with you.  Originally this was a private recording, but I wanted to get it out there for you.  There are just too many gems inside that need to be spoken about.

Dave is the founder and sole director of Elite FTS.  They are a information website with high quality powerlifting products for sale.  (in that order too.  Dave is extremely focused on the quality of information on his site and it’s one of the best resources out there.  Scary how much information is on that site).

In this interview:

  • Originally coming up with the values for EliteFTS (and how you can find your own personal values..a great exercise)
  • Defining your customer, and why it’s important
  • Dave’s attitude towards personal development (Reading 1 hour = bad day, 2 hours = good day)
  • Advice for new business owners on how to stand out
  • Dave’s unique approach to business fundamentals and how he learns them (not what I expected!)
  • The spiritual (work) beliefs of Dave Tate
  • Why you’re not an entrepreneur (and much more likely a business owner)
  • Adversity and challenges in Dave’s life (wow)
  • Top tips to go from manager to leader in the Elite FTS business (do not miss this)
  • The many (many) instances that Elite FTS nearly went down
  • Understanding the fundamental difference with employee and business owner (the buck stops with you).

Quotes which I loved:

  • “It’s not easy – it’s never fucking easy”
  • When you’re only getting knowledge from your particular field, you’re going to fall behind”

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