Glen Carlson – PT Prophet Podcast Episode 118 // Hosted by Hayden Wilson

Glen Carlson – PT Prophet Podcast Episode 118 // Hosted by Hayden Wilson

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Dent co-founder (a multimillion dollar company focused on helping entrepreneurs profit and scale their businesses..among other things), Glen Carlson.

Within just 6 years, Dent (which can be found here) have grown into a force to be reckoned with and have the results to back it up (just watch some of their testimonials here to see).

Along with co-founder, Daniel Priestley (who has also been on the podcast), Glen and the entire team at Dent have three guiding principles: 1. Have Fun. 2. Be Brave. and 3. Make a Dent.

I had a great time interviewing Glen and know you will get a lot out of this episode.

We discuss:

  • Glen’s homeschooling upbringing (on a ship from the age of 8 travelling to over 49 countries over the space of 6 years)
  • His vision of ‘success’
  • What being courageous means to glen (and how to build it)
  • The most stressful event and time in Glen’s career
  • Why learning to pitch is THE most important skill you need as of…yesterday.
  • The biggest mistakes you see business owners make
  • What ‘real value’ actually looks like
  • Three simple words Glen received from a high level mentor while he was 30 and in a completely ‘lost’ state (trust me…you’ll want to hear this part!)
  • How far into the planning horizon Glen likes to plan
  • Why intellectual masturbation will get you no-where
  • Much, much more.

There are so many three word quotables that you will like in this episode.  Among others here is a small selection:

  • Discomfort precedes victory
  • Environment dictates performance

You can learn more about Glen here:

Books Mentioned:

Ryan Holliday – The Obstacle is the Way

Thanks for listening.



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  1. Robert Gronbeck

    Awesome work gentlemen. Really enjoyed the talk.
    Keep up the great work Hayden and Glen. Looking forward to getting to the KPI / DENT brand accelerator and going through more of your podcasts.

    1. Hayden Wilson

      Robert, Thanks for your comment and having a listen. Good luck with KPI…it’s a fantastic program!

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