Key Take-Aways from Robin Sharma’s: The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO.

Key Take-Aways from Robin Sharma’s: The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO.

Recently read Robin Sharma’s book: The Saint, The Surfer and The CEO.

To be perfectly honest with you, this book was sitting untouched on my shelf for around 2 years.  I have always resonated with Robin (in-particular now more than ever), and have read 4 of his other books: (Monk who sold his Ferrari, The Greatness Guide (my favourite), The Leader who had no title, and Leadership Wisdom from the Monk who sold his Ferrari), but I wasn’t sure why I hadn’t read this one.

Anyway, I decided to pick it up this week and really found it helpful.  It’s Robin’s ability to bring together 2 key concepts that once put together, make total and perfect sense, that I really like.

The power of simplicity is often under rated.

The following are the notes I took from the book.  These are not exhaustive by any means, but I do encourage you to take a look and see if you can draw anything from them.  If you like it, buy the book here (and Robin’s other work too).

Thanks for reading.

  • Life has 3 big questions
    • Have I lived wisely?
    • Have I lived well?
    • Have I served greatly?
  • God carries you in the tough times (walking through the desert metaphor)
  • The purpose of life is to come to terms with our darkness so we can live in our light
  • When others lash out, it’s because they’ve been previously hurt
  • Breakdowns always lead to break-throughs
  • What’s your learning curriculum
  • Remember yourself
  • The integrity gap (the real you vs the projected you)
  • There is a giant asleep within everyone and when that giant awakens, miracles happen
  • With purpose comes passion
  • Plant seeds within your mind, the more positive seeds you plant, the less weeds can grow
  • Let your heart guide you (it knows)
  • You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be
  • Faith > Fear
  • Flow through life and let life flow through you
  • The more you stop worrying about the way your life will turn out, the more your life will turn out just fine
  • Where’s the finish line?
  • Learn, do and be (the masters path…slow down)
  • Unconscious incompetent, conscious incompetent, conscious competence, unconscious competence (4 stages of learning a new skill)
  • The easiest things TO DO, are always the easiest things NOT TO DO
  • People act from fear or love
  • Before you seek revenge, make sure to dig 2 graves
  • Focus on the good and you’ll get more good
  • Your circumstances don’t define you, the reveal you.
  • Make more deposits than withdrawals
  • Become the most caring person you know
  • A great life = a series of great conversations
  • “Learning Lounge” (love it)
  • Any picture that you imagine, if focused on daily for an extended period of time, cannot help but appear in your outer world
  • A mistake is only a mistake if you repeat it
  • Power questions:
    • How would I live today if it were my last day?
    • What do I have to be grateful for in my life?
    • What is the one thing I could do today to help make my life extraordinary?
    • What can I do to make today incredibly fun?
    • How can I help someone today?
  • Make time for silence
  • Eat only the best foods (give that gift to yourself)
  • Reasons to be in Biz:
    • Create value for others
    • Grow as a person
  • You teach others how to treat you
  • For you to win, no-one needs to lose
  • 5 lessons for your life:
    • Define your goals
    • Develop your strategy
    • Set up a self contract
    • Measure your results
    • Execute
  • Never listen to your inner critic
  • Find best practice
  • Read Ben Franklin’s Autobiography

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