LIFT OFF is the ultimate program for fitness and health coaches looking to rapidly grow their coaching practice.

Over the course of 4 individual Master Classes, we teach you the exact systems, strategies and structures you’ll need inside your business to achieve explosive growth.

Whether you’re already coaching clients full time or looking to get your business off the ground the right way, LIFT OFF is the perfect program to set you in the right direction for your goals.

After working with some of Australia’s most elite and emerging coaching talents, we have discovered a simple system to help you get paid more money, more often, by more of the right clients.

Over the course of 4 fast paced months, we share with you everything you will need to know to achieve massive things inside your coaching practice.

Because our meetings are roughly one month apart, you’ll be able to come and experience each session before heading away with a series of powerful action steps designed to propel you forward before our next session together.

This is a highly immersive program focused on delivering results to quality coaches with real value.

We give you all the tools, checklists and systems you’ll ever need to go out there and do what you do best, while also giving you the confidence that you’ve got an entire team by your side helping you grow.

If you’re looking for a system that has been tried and tested on successful coaches just like you, then let’s get your started on your LIFT OFF journey.

What You Will Walk Away With:
Complete clarity over what it is you really do for the customer and the confidence to know why you’re the only option to help them achieve their dreams.

A repeatable, proven business success system to plug and play inside your coaching business to achieve growth.

The confidence and mindset needed to be a great coach using the exact systems we use to coach some of the most up to date and emerging leaders within the fitness industry.

All the tools, frameworks, systems and checklists you will ever need inside your coaching business to make it a highly successful practice with clients that get results.

The LIFT OFF Program:

4 x Growth Master Classes
Session 1: Complete Clarity – What Does Success Look Like
Let’s get clear on what it is you do for the customer and why you are the only possible person on this planet to make it happen.

  • Crafting the vision and playing a ‘bigger game’ inside your business
  • Discovering your ‘hidden’ gold and unique points of difference within the marketplace
  • Building your P.A.P (Personal Action Plan) to kickstart your journey

Session 2: Prospect Perfection – Generating More Quality Leads
In this module, we look at what it takes to get in front of more potential customers, more often.

  • Finding and taking action upon three lead sources (no more dry periods)
  • Generate massive interest for what you do utilising the existing knowledge you already possess
  • Knowing exactly what to say to keep your leads warm before releasing hot products

Session 3: Sales Success – Close More Business, More Often

  • Packaging up your programs for maximum client value and the highest possible profit for you
  • Pitching your programs to craft the perfect program before it’s even built
  • Role playing of sales conversations, including what to say, how to ask for the sale, handling objections, and closing the deal

Session 4: Retention and Renewal – Keep Your Best Clients…longer

  • Keeping your existing clients fulfilled, re-signed and asking for more from you
  • Ascending your clients to higher levels (more value for them, more money for you)
  • Overpromising, and over delivering (how to really do it)

High-Performance Growth Coaching
Stay energised and inspired with our monthly growth coaching calls.
Limited to a 4:1 ratio, these small group calls allow you to not only work through any current issues or roadblocks, but you’ll also be able to do so under the guidance and support of our expert growth coach. Leaders do not fear feedback – they seek it.

Weekly Accountability Check-ins
Stay on track and maintain a quality focus on what’s truly important inside your business.
Opt for our “Six Minute check-in call” (we’ll teach you this one to use with your clients), or send through your results, challenges and wins via our feedback platform to have your coach provide you invaluable advice and mentorship to continue your growth.

Secret Facebook Group Access
You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with – LIFT OFF makes this easy for you. We do the hard work for you to allow you to speak with and collaborate with growth minded coaches who are all on the same journey as you are. You will also have the ability to ask any questions and seek the feedback you need inside of a private, safe environment. There are no silly questions, only the one you didn’t ask. LIFT OFF is about massive personal growth, not ego’s.

The Experts Toolbox
Utilise all the most current checklists, business systems and procedure documents built up and proven to work from Australia’s most Elite personal trainers and coaches. The only reason you’re not consistently succeeding inside your business is you haven’t yet got a system for it. Access to ‘The Experts Toolbox’ will provide you with exactly the right tools necessary to continue on your path of greatness while allowing you a repeatable system to get the job done.

Who You Are:
You are a growth minded coach ready to learn the true fundamentals of a successful coaching practice from those who are living it
You are open to change and willing to stretch your mind to new limits
You are ready to step out of your comfort zone and do what is necessary to grow your business
You are actively coaching others, and are also ready to be coached yourself
You possess real value and pride yourself on achieving results with your clients

How to Program Runs:

  • Master Classes: 4 x ½ day intensives 9am – 1pm in South Yarra, Victoria.
  • High Performance Growth Coaching: Monthly Virtual Sessions (midway point before next Master Class) – 7pm – 9pm
  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins: Monday Morning check-ins via phone or feedback platform.

Key Dates Melbourne Semester 2:
Session 1: September 23rd 2017 | 9am – 1pm – The ‘Como’ South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria.
Session 2: October 14th 2017 | 9am – 1pm – The ‘Como’ South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria.
Session 3: November 25th 2017 | 9am – 1pm – The ‘Como’ South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria.
Session 4: December 16th 2017 | 9am – 1pm – The ‘Como’ South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria.

Investment Structure:

New Attendee: $3,997   Early Bird Pricing: $2,297
*Payment Plan Available
All prices include GST.
Early bird rates subject to change at any stage.

Getting Started:
If you’re ready to take the next step and sign up to the LIFT OFF program, please contact us here.

Solo Podcast

Simple Guide to Starting Your Solo Podcast…Today (Value: $49)