Project DO.

Project DO is looking for eight highly motivated individuals ready to tackle their latest project in 2018.

You, along with a small, intimate group of leaders will assemble as a part of this powerful program designed with one outcome: DOING.

Enough talking. Enough planning. Enough thinking about it.

Unlike other ‘automated’ courses, this interactive group will provide all the support, accountability and systems you’ll ever need to bring your project to life.

It’s time for action.

Over the course of six intense (yet very manageable) weeks online, we will work as a unit to each bring out ‘things’ to the world.

Upon starting, you will select from one of the following (all which I have I have done and can confidently guide you in – I have a very straight forward system for you to follow):

1. Create, launch and sell your new product.
2. Build your powerful workshop to share your love with the world.
3. Begin, record and launch your very own podcast.
4. Create and launch your retreat to the world.
5. Build your book plan and begin the transformation process of writing your own book.
6. Create your own blog to share your love of writing and what you know with the world (while building an audience!)
7. Create your own powerful video series designed to elevate (and explode) how you’re viewed in the market as a leader.

Project DO. will show you exactly what you need to do to make your project a very tangible reality.

Imagine how it’s going to feel to not only hold, see or hear something that you know you’ve created from nothing – but to see OTHERS enjoying it too.

Nothing is more rewarding than when people share how much you’ve impacted something in their life via what you’ve created.

This program has been designed (specifically by me) to help you pull your finger out and get. things. done.

This is for the Young Leader who knows they’ve got a message to share, but hasn’t quite found the right way to share it yet.

In as little as 1 hour a week, you can bulletproof and excel your future by joining our team of legends focused on getting themselves out there.

  • Get immediate feedback on your ideas, content and beleifs
  • Shift your reality from consumer to creator
  • Finally bring that project to life that’s been ‘nearly done’ for years
  • Become someone others look to for inspiration
  • ALL in six weeks….

If you’ve gotten to the end of Jan and are wondering “What have I actually done so far this year…?” then this is for you.
No more passengers. Let’s grow.

By following the instructions and insights delivered to you (in real time) as well as the action and accountability as a part of this unique group of change makers, you will have no option but to grow.

The best way to learn is not through reading, podcasts or interviewing people. Although all that stuff is necessary…the whole point is to DO.


We only want action takers.
We only want BIG thinkers.
We only want a driven team of powerful Young Leaders ready to SHIFT their mindset to the creation of gold…not junk.

Please DO NOT Apply if…

– You aren’t ready to do the work.
– You don’t want to take action.
– You plan to go missing halfway through.
– You don’t have ethics or morals – we don’t take snake oil salesmen.

If you know you’re the kind of person who thrives when working to a deadline, then flag your interest and be part of the crew.

By surrounding yourself with the other motivated, inspirational individuals involved, you’re going to get to the end of our six weeks and be asking: WHAT’S NEXT!
My goal is not just education, but empowerment. To enable you to see the gifts within.

This is your shot at making your thoughts, dreams and desires, a reality.

You’ll love the newfound personal power you will have created and be unstoppable toward the next challenge you face.

Join us and get ready for a wild ride.

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What You’re In For:

  • Weekly Masterclasses: Each week, you’ll login live to learn the skills, strategy and systems you need to get your project up and running as efficiently as possible. And because these session are live, you’ll have the oppiortunity to ask anything you want and get direct help with people who get you.
  • Weekly Check-In’s: No-one flies under the radar. You will be required to check-in each week (midway through) TO THE TEAM (leave no man/woman behind) and update us on your project’s status. Let’s be honest – the reason you’ve given up in the past is that you thought it wouldn’t matter…Enough letting yourself down. Use the power of our amazing crew to accelerate your growth and LAUNCH your best project yet.
  • The EXACT systems you need: Use the exact (scientific) systems I’ve spent years creating (and refining) that have proven themselves time and time again to get a result. Stop throwing mud at the wall and wasting time – use the power of learning from others’ mistakes and thrive. It’s time to get ahead.
  • Powerful Tools and Personal Recommendations: Get the latest mindset tools and exercises personally prescribed for you and what is going on in your life. No more scouring through the internet or attempting to read 100’s of books to get the help you need. I’ve done the hard work for you – literally, it’s my job to study this stuff and get you the very best stuff you need.


$79 per week for the 6 weeks (billed as one payment)

Start Date:

Tuesday 13th of February  (although as soon as you’re approved you will be welcomed to the group so you can start to get to know your other “Project DO-ers”).

I want in! How do I apply?

Go to: Project DO. Application and complete the three-minute questionnaire to submit your application.

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If you’re a good fit, you’re in and we can start to get busy!

Final questions…

  • What’s the format?
    Online Webinars with a private Facebook forum.
  • When are the weekly webinars?
    Each Tuesday 7pm – 8pm
  • Will there be replays?
    Yes, all content is recorded and available to re-watch.
  • If I can’t make it to a session, how can I still get my question answered?
    Leave it in the chat ahead of time and we guarantee we will answer the question
  • Is there a money back guarantee?
    If after the first session (that you attend) you don’t believe this is for you, just let us know and you will receive 100% money back.
  • Is this in person or online?
    This is 100% online – anywhere there is an internet connection, you’ll have 100% access to the course.
  • How much time is needed for this?
    You can spend as little as 1 hour with us per week, but the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it.
  • Who is this for?
    You – Seriously, if you got this far, pull the trigger and let’s do it. Join us and see what’s possible for you.
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