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Wealth Isn’t Complicated – Human’s Are.

Three and a half years ago almost to the day, I logged into the online portal for my first university lecture in over 9 years.

The topic: Foundations of Financial Planning.

I thought it would be a walk in the park.

I thought I knew about money, finance, and investing.


This was like a whole different language. 

And for the first of three semesters, it was really tough. 

I felt completely out of my depth, questioning my decision to pursue this field and specialise in helping those in their 30’s master their money & become financially free in their 40’s.

Same goes for the day I got my first job after 6 years of entrepreneurship.

I sat on the train, staring out the window while my wife sat next to me.

When she asked how my day was, I was fighting back the tears.

“Not good……not good.” I said quietly as I once again turned away.

I felt like I’d made a huge mistake.

That’s the thing about making a decision followed by learning new skills. 

You go in all confident, riding the dopamine coat-tail of blind optimism.

Until the real work starts.

That’s the first real roadblock. 

Once the fun has worn off – and the real work begins.
(it’s called the Dunning-Kruger effect if you want to know the science behind it).

I honestly felt like giving it all up.

Receding back into what I knew well.

What was comfortable.

But this is where so many people fail.

To go beyond, you must go beyond…

(read that again).

It’s only once you make it through the honeymoon period that you start to reap what you’ve sown.

The same goes for becoming financially free.

Most people want to be wealthy.

Yet most people aren’t. 


Because despite what you’ve seen online, it’s actually really hard.

It requires a sacrifice of current consumption for future benefit.

It requires the learning of new skills (skills you’ve never been taught or seen before).

It requires new boundaries to be set.

It requires new decisions, with new levels of risk, to be made.

It requires letting go of people and ideas that may have served you up until this very moment.

And it requires you to delve into your own mindset to unravel layers of inner programming from years gone by.

This is the stuff NO-ONE tells you.

The unsexy stuff.

But guess what? It is what it is.

I’d rather be hated for telling the truth, than be loved for selling a lie.

Here’s what this is really about:

Doing anything new is going to be hard at first. 

Recognising and accepting this is the first step to working through it.

To get great at anything, it’s going to be uncomfortable, difficult and confusing.

But if you think of anything you’ve that you’re truly proud of, it always involved hard work.

So – why would getting wealthy be any different?

It’s not.

If you’ve made the decision you want to uplevel your wealth, get educated about money stuff and are keen to start learning the real skills involved in replacing your active income with passive income you’re in the right place.

But it starts with YOU.

Let me help guide you, and let’s do it together.

Speak soon,

Hayden ‘Make Your Move’ Wilson

Who is Hayden?

I am a qualified financial advisor and private mentor to ambitious individuals looking to maximise their income, investments and impact.
I write about all things Money AND Meaning.

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